The Demidoff Altarpiece

1476, Carlo Crivelli

This many-panelled altarpiece, or polyptych, was painted by Crivelli in 1476 to sit on the high altar of the church of San Domenico in Ascoli Piceno, east central Italy.


Upper row: Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Andrew, Saint Stephen, Saint Thomas Aquinas

Bottom row: John the Baptist, Saint Peter, Madonna and Child, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Saint Dominic

The polyptych was composed of the central panel and eight smaller panels with saints, also in the Gallery. Originally there was a predella (a lower section of the altarpiece), now lost, and a lunette-shaped Lamentation above (now in New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art)

detail 1: Stigmata of  Saint Francis of Assisi

detail 2: Feet of Saint John the Baptist

picture 3: The whole piece (high-res)

detail 4: A sun on Saint Thomas Aquinas’ chest (a symbol of sacred learning)

detail 5: Lilies of Saint Dominic


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