How Science Found the Loch Ness Monster

Walter of Bingham (d. c. 1197) was a minor cleric from Nottinghamshire who, unable to fulfill his vow to go on the Third Crusade, made a pilgrimage to the holy sites of Scotland.

Walter’s encounter with Nessie came one summer evening, as he approached the banks of the River Ness…But what is perhaps more remarkable is the drawing of Nessie, now severely faded and barely visible with the naked eye. 

Using a pioneering technique known as Re-Zoom Spectroscopy (RZS), scientists took multiple photographs of the page in question, which were overlaid and processed using a “Guggenheim manipulator”. The resulting image demonstrates that Walter of Bingham made a careful depiction of Nessie, and can now be revealed as the earliest known picture of the Loch Ness Monster.

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