Archaeologists excavating a Viking-age farm site at Vestervang, in Denmark, have uncovered several pieces of jewelry. Here are some of them. For more click the source.

  1. Copper alloy, an animal figure with a beadlike chain around its neck. Three masked figures can also be seen. The object is about 2.9 inches in diameter and may have been worn as part of a necklace.
  2. This brooch appears to be from continental Europe and contains gold textured in a waffle shape, along with a cross that was made of red glass and semiprecious stone. The artifact was made between A.D. 500-750, apparently predating the Viking age farm site. It’s possible that it was acquired by a non-Christian at the site through exchange. It may have been worn by a high-ranking woman, perhaps on a dress.
  3. Trefoil brooch, with all three of its lobes preserved. Carved with geometric motifs it is believed to date to the late 8th or early 9th century AD.